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Rose Photographs Combos: Shared Frame

These rose photo combinations are presented as decorating ideas. Buying more than one picture entitles you to price discounts.

Our first example features an 8x8 image (Rio Samba Lip) sharing a frame with an 8x10 of Rio Samba Curves.

You can create combinations of like or contrasting colors by choosing from the square and rectangular images.

It's impossible to picture all the possible combinations, so we'll leave that up to your imagination.

Special pricing applies to combination orders: take $30 off any order that combines an 8x8 with an 8x10. So instead of $110, the duo will be only $85.

We don't have PayPal buttons for all the possible choices, so email us and we'll work out a custom arrangement with you.

Email: photo@bassworks.com with your request. Be sure to provide the name of the images.