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Rose Photographs: "Peace & Love "

What's the rose in this photo? With its pink outer petals and golden yellow core, you might guess Gemini, but it's a Peace and Love rose.

Picture these lovely, subtle colors and delicate forms warming a baby's nursery. It comes in our widest formats.

Be sure to look at our other unique rose photos. All our fine art photographs explore the subtle beauty of these most exquisite blooms.

Purchase in 8"x12" ($50.00) or 12"x18" ($65.00) sizes. Unmatted and unframed.

Note on size: most photographs show well with a large matte. The photo on the home page shows a 4-inch matte around an 8-inch photograph. When used as part of a grouping, the 8-inch size will hold its own.

$50.00 8"x12" / Choose a Finish

$65.00 12"x18" / Choose a Finish